The students are attending Fortis Institute, a post-secondary education career school. They are studying for careers in nursing, medical or dental assisting, and dental hygiene

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Students are to type their anatomy notes into the wiki. Please follow the instructions on the navigation bar to the right. To get started, just click Edit and start typing. If you have any questions about working in Wikispaces teams, check out our Project help page


The following is an example of medical terminology notes. As you scroll below notice that it is possible to change the font style. It is possible to change the color or to bold. It is possible to ad diagrams or videos as I have demonstrated below.

Lesson 1- Review

gasti- gas truck See the gas truck with a stomach for a tank!!

cardi- cards. See the people playing cards with real live hearts!!

megal - my gal. See my gal as the most enlarged gal in the world!

This is an example of a diagram uploaded to the wiki.


Notice the different font sizes, bolding, and colors

-itis - I test See the teachers saying, "I test" as she stands in flames!

dermat - doormat See the doormat made of skin!!!!

plast- plastic(plastic cement) See the tube of plastic cement with a surgeon coming out to repair something! surgical repair

cerebr- zebra See the zebra with a brain for a head! brain

path- path See the path covered with daisies! disease

-ectomy- exit Tommy. See the exit Tommy is surgically removing! surgical removal

enter- enter(enter sign) See the enter sign with intestines all over it! intestines (usually small)

-osis- Oh Sis See sis holding the air conditioner

-otomy Oh Tommy See Timmy's mother saying, "Oh Tommy! you cut into the wall!

Different font styles

aden- a den See a den with glands hanging on the walls!

angi- angel See the angel covered with blood vessels!

-oma Oh Ma See the children saying "Oh Ma! two more!

nephr- nephew See the nephew a kid in the knee!

hepat- he pat See the man as he pats the liver!

arthr- art See the art with joints all over it!

An example of a YouTube video. Go to widgets to upload a video

blephar- blue fur See the lady wearing a blue fur covered with eyelids!

-ologist hollow chest See the man with the hollow chest for books: He is a specialist!

rhin- rhinoceros See the rhinoceros with a human nose growing on it!

gingiv- ginger bread (gingerbread man) See the gingerbread man with gum stuck to him!

-malacia- my late show (tv) See the image for my late show, a TV that is very soft!

-ology- hollow cheese See the hollow cheese with the people making a study of it!

spasm spaceman- See the spaceman being forced to sign an involuntary contract!

Hopefully these examples will show you many of the possibilities of a wiki. Now let's get to work creating great notes. Yes you can learn more!